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The International Society of Volunteer Studies
in Japan

Greeting by the President

“The International Society of Volunteer Studies in Japan (ISVS)” was established in November 1998 to provide a communicating network among researchers and field workers concerned to global citizenship and volunteer works.
After the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Japanese citizens have widened their interests and understandings for volunteer works. The NPO Law was enacted in 1998 to promote civil society organizations to acquire their nonprofit corporation status.
The basic concepts of ISVS are multidisciplinary, diverse and global. ISVS has provided the arena of open discussions and promote people-oriented researches inside and outside Japan.

ISVS has the following activities; the annual conference and the academic journal once per year, newsletter to members of ISVS, “Sumiya Mikio Award” for researchers and “Murai Yoshinori Award” for field workers, and many open seminars and symposiums.
I hope many people and organizations to join ISVS to exchange the experience and opinions, and inspire the ideas of volunteer works and global citizenship.
ISVS will continue to involve people, communities, private companies and governments to recognize the significance of the volunteer activities.
Please participate in the activities of ISVS.

Yasuhide Nakamura, MD, Ph.D
President, The International Society of Volunteer Studies in Japan (ISVS),
Professor of Konan Women's University and Professor Emeritus of Osaka University.